Elizabeth II, Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Collection Exclusive to Coincraft

13 Coins, 4 stamps and 1 banknote all houses in an exclusive presentation folder.
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Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Collection Exclusive to Coincraft

We have signed an exclusive contract with INA, so you can only get this fantastic collection of coins, stamps and banknotes for Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee from Coincraft.

Exclusive to Coincraft and priced to delight you at a £10 saving.

You get a Silver Jubilee Crown from 1977; an Uncirculated Halfpenny, Penny, Brass Threepence and Shilling. You get the first decimal 5 New Pence and the last of the large sized 5 Pence coins plus the Half Penny coins all in Uncirculated condition. You also get the smallest banknote ever issued for Queen Elizabeth II, the Hong Kong One Cent Note. Plus you get four stamps in Mint condition from Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Great Britain. You get an Uncirculated coin from Canada, Isle of Man and Falkland Islands with the Queen’s portrait on them. Finally you get a nice circulated example of the old large ‘Roo’ Penny from Australia. The whole set is encapsulated in a full colour folder with important and interesting information about the coins, stamps and banknote. It was originally going to sell for £28.50, but because we bought them all, we are charging just £18.50 a set! At this price they are a real bargain and remember that they are only available from Coincraft and you save £10.00 a set.

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