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Victoria, Florin 'Gothic Type' Mdccclxxx (1880)

Victoria (1837-1901), Florin 'Gothic Type' Mdccclxxx (1880)

Victoria, Halfpenny 1862

Victoria, Halfpenny 1862

Victoria, Old Head (1893-1900) Crown VG

In the long reign of Queen Victoria, there were four main types of Sterling Silver Crowns issued. The Young Head, Gothic, Jubilee Head and Old Head Crowns. Here we present the Old Head 1893-1900. Each crown is a full 38mm and struck in Sterling Silver. Dates will be of our choice, but the more of a type that you order, the more different dates we will try and give you. They can certainly be called antiques, the only thing that is not antique is the price you pay. Remember they were struck in Sterling Silver and have the portrait of Queen Victoria on them. Each crown is in Very Good or better condition and original and genuine as is everything we sell.

Victoria, Young Head Shilling 1839

Victoria (1837-1901) Young Head Shilling 1839.

Victoria, Young Head Shilling 1852

Choice Uncirculated rich toning

Victoria, Young Head Shilling 1858

Choice Uncirculated beauiful toning, Cats £500

Victoria, Young Head Shilling 1866

Gem Brilliant Uncirculated with an interesting die break on the reverse, well worth further research

Victoria, Young Head Shilling 1886

Choice Brilliant Uncirculated Cats £350