Proud Freemason Medallion

This beautiful crownsized medallion is for the Freemasons. On one side you have the symbol of the Freemasons with the legend ‘Faith, Charity, Hope’. On the other side you have more symbols of Freemasonry with the legend ‘Initiated*Passed*Raised*Proud Freemason*. It is full crownsized in blue, white and green. Proof in a capsule and we think a rather stunning piece for all Freemasons or their relatives. We think you will like this medal and it has taken us months to get them. So if you want one please order early…
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George III 'Cartwheel' Twopence 1797 Fine

In 1797 the Mint contracted out to have struck the largest copper coin that would ever be struck in this country. It is known as the Cartwheel Twopence and it actually weighs two ounces of copper. They were trying to give people value for money. But of course the people hated it, because it weighed two ounces and was heavy to carry around and use. You have the bust of King George III dressed as a Roman on one side and a seated Britannia on the other side. Because the copper was soft, they dented and scratched quite easily. They normally come in lower grades, that is why we are happy to offer ours here in Fine. Yes of course there will be some bumps on the edges, but they are kept to a minimum on our coins. A one year type coin, the largest copper coin ever issued in this country and now over 200 years old.

Queen Victoria Silver Four Shillings

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