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Elizabeth II, 1990 Proof Set

In 1990 the Royal Mint reduced the size of the Five Pence piece, to the size we use today. The 1990 Proof Set is rather Special, as it contains both sizes of the Five Pence, both large and small. The large sized Five Pence was not struck for circulation. In fact this Proof Set contains three coins that were not issued for circulation, the large sized 5p, the 10p and the 50p. So this is a very important set and one that many collectors are missing. You get the £1, 50p (not issued for circulation), 20p, 10p (not issued for circulation), Large sized 5p (not issued for circulation), small sized 5p, 2p and 1p. Offered here is the 1990 Proof Set in the normal blue case.

Elizabeth II, 1998 Proof Set

In 1971 the Royal Mint issued its first Decimal Proof Set with the denomination 'New Pence' to differentiate it from the pre-decimal coinage. In 1982 they finally dropped the 'New' from the coins and the denomination is just 'Pence'. Offered here is the Proof Set from 1998.

Elizabeth II, 1p Silver Proof, 2009

A dealer we know broke up some Royal Mint 2009 all Silver Proof Sets for the Kew Gardens 50p. We were able to buy the rest of the sets at a most reasonable price, which we are now passing on to you. There were six (6) sets, so there are just six of each of the following Sterling Silver Proof coins. Here we present the 1p in its Royal Mint Protective capsule, at this price it is well worth thinking about…

Elizabeth II, 2008 New Coins Silver Proof Set

In 2008 the Royal Mint changed the reverse designs on our coinage. In a package all the coins together they make a most interesting shield design. Singly they look like mis-struck coins. When they first came out we had loads of people coming in and saying that their coins were struck off center… The Mint issued Silver Proof Sets with either or both designs. Here we present the New Design Set with the 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p and £1. It comes in a plastic display case with all coins of either type, struck in Proof Sterling Silver.

Elizabeth II, 7-coin Silver Proof Set in presentation case, 1996

Housed in velveteen presentation case with numbered Royal Mint certificate.

Elizabeth II, all 3 Types of Silver Proof Round Pounds (1983-2014)

All 3 Types of Silver Proof Round Pounds. Since the round pound was first issued in 1983 there have been 3 different busts of H.M. the Queen: The Machin bust (1983-4), the so-called Maklouf bust (1985-97) and the Rank-Broadley bust (1998-2014). I have taken one of each type in gleaming Sterling Silver Proof, put them in a protective holder and then put all 3 holders in a handsome display case. That way you can see all three busts at the same time. Some of the types are not easy to get, so I think our price for this three-piece type set of just £125 is quite reasonable, but supplies are very limited. They are not easy to find. This would make a wonderful gift for someone, especially if they are too young to remember the Round Pound. The three Sterling Silver Proof Pounds in a handsome display case just £125.00. All 3 portraits of the Queen.