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Arab Spain Silver Dirham

Arab Spain Silver Dirham
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These fascinating large size Silver coins were issued by the Umayyad dynasty which ruled over most of Spain during the first millennium A.D.. They are Silver Dirhams struck in Spain and they date from around 770 to 900 A.D.. The Arabs first invaded Spain in 711 A.D..

The Umayyad’s were originally the ruling dynasty of the Islamic Arab world, but their dominant position came to an end in 750 A.D., when they were slaughtered by the rival Abbasids. One member of the Umayyad dynasty escaped to Spain where he was proclaimed as ruler of ‘Al-Andalus’ - the Arab name for Spain. Then the Arab rulers of Spain were driven out in the early twelfth Century by the Christian kingdoms of the north and the great warrior ‘El-Cid’.

In accordance with the teaching of Islam the coins have no images on them, just several lines of elegant Arabic script on both sides. Priced at just £25.95 each a very interesting and historic 1,100 year old coin coin for your collection. Coins from the times when Spain was under Arab rule.