Postumus A.D. 260-269, Billon Silver Antoninianus, Extremely Fine

Postumus A.D. 260-269 - An early Rebel Emperor of Britain, Gaul, and Iberia.
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Postumus was the governor of Germany in A.D. 260; he successfully defeated an invasion by barbarian raiding parties in which the Emperor Saloninus, son of Gallienus, had been powerless to resist. Postumus was then proclaimed emperor by his troops and immediately turned on Saloninus, capturing and executing the young emperor. He managed to push the invading barbarians out of the western provinces and re-established the old Rhine frontier. Gallienus failed to defeat him so the rebel Postumus was left in control of Britain, Gaul, and Iberia. This formed what was called the ‘Gallic Empire’. In A.D.2 69, Laelianus the governor of Germany rebelled and was defeated at the siege of Mainz. But Postumus was murdered by his own troops for refusing to allow them to plunder the city. Postumus minted coins that had, at least, twice as much silver than the coins being made by the Gallienus’ central government in Rome! We offer these Billon Silver Antoninianus of Postumus, with various reverses, in an Extremely Fine condition for this rebel issue. Remember though, they were minted in a time of crisis, so some will have some weaker sections. As always, the first to order will get the best ones!

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