Patina Retro Patterns and Reproductions

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Edward VIII New Zealand Bare Copper

There is much interest in the Patinas from our colonial past. Mintages were low, and overseas interest is high. We have sold out or nearly on many of the issues. Supplies are very limited and prices are going up as the supply goes down, don’t miss out on them. For this issue we have the Edward VIII, New Zealand bare head in Copper. They were struck in Proof condition to the highest quality and have a mintages of just 475.

Edward VIII Australia short legend in copper

Australian Edward VIII Copper Patina reproduction dated 1937

Australia Edward VIII Long Legend Copper

Australian Edward VII Copper Patina reproduction with 1937 date

British Trade Dollar 1998 Blank

The British Trade Dollar was originally made in the late 1800’s to compete with the Mexican 8 Reales which was being used heavily in commerce in the Far East. The Trade Dollar was made periodically until the 1930’s. About 20 years ago, someone asked the Royal Mint to make new dies with the then current date 1998. The Mint did make them and then some sort of problem occurred. The person who had the dies made, had the ‘coins’ struck elsewhere and with a full colour commemorative sticker on the back. At the time, we bought a couple of hundred of the Prooflike crownsized pieces with a blank reverse, figuring to use them sometime. Well we just found them the other day and I have decided to offer them with the blank reverse. You could add a sticker or even engrave something, it is up to you. These are the only examples around that we know of.

Catherine the Great Low Mintage Silver Patina

This handsome Sterling Silver Patina of a Catherine the Great Rouble is retrodated 1762. Due to the high silver price, the company that made them melted a large part of the mintage. The stated maximum mintage is just 180 pieces in Sterling Silver, but we know that the actual surviving mintage is much lower. Beautiful Sterling Silver Proof and a low mintage. With the Royal Mint charging almost £100 for a high mintage silver coin of the same size. I think our price is most reasonable. Catherine was known as a patron of the arts and her personal art collection which was in the Winter Palace, is now known as the Hermitage in St. Petersburg.

George III Scottish Patina in Pewter

George III Scottish Patina in Pewter. This is the fabulous Patina George III issue for Scotland. It is based on the portrait of King George III by Kuchler that was used on the Bank of England Emergency issues for the Dollars of 1804. These are retro dated ‘1808’ and show what a Scottish issue might have looked like, had it been issued at the time. You have the bust of King George III on one side and the crowned double thistle on the other side. They are large crownsized pieces struck in Pewter. The mintage is only 1,000 pieces.