Patina Retro Patterns and Reproductions

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Philip & Mary Patina Shilling Pattern

Very limited supply

Charles I Replica Oxford Crown Proof

Reproduction silver-plated 1644 Crown in capsule.

Palestine, Edward VIII, Medallic Pattern Crown, 1936. BU

Low mintage crownsized (38mm) prooflike pattern. Brilliant Uncirculated.

Russia, Patina Memorial Rouble for Czar Peter III 1762

Low mintage retro-pattern crown, only 180 issued.

Russia, Nicholas I, 1825 Patina Rouble Silver Proof

Retro-Patina proof silver Rouble of Czar Nicholas I. Low mintage only 170 pieces.

Ireland, Edward VII, 1901. Goldine Retro-Patina. Proof FDC

Low-mintage retro-patina for Ireland. Edward VII, bare head, 1901 struck in Goldine. Proof FDC