P S Beale 10 Shillings /- 2nd Issue B266 GEF/Unc

P S Beale Bank of England 10 Shillings; featuring Red Britannia threading - B266 - Crisp Good-Extremely Fine/Uncirculated condition.
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J S Fforde Portrait 10/- B309 -R Prefix EF

J S Fforde £10 note - 1st Issue, featuring red-brown portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. -R Prefix (B309). The first linking with Hollom, chief cashier of the Bank of England. In extremely fine condition.

1951 George VI, Festival of Britain Crown, boxed.

Only the second Crown struck in the reign of George VI. Ours come with the original boxes.

O'Brien 'A' Prefix Portrait £1

Uncirculated L.K. O'Brien Portrait £1 notes with the sought after 'A' Prefix