Olympic Coins

Everyone has a favourite sport and regardless of what yours is, there’s a good chance that sport is in the Olympics. If it is, you can bet a national mint has produced a commemorative coin featuring that sport. With Tokyo 2020 fast approaching we’ve decided to put together all of the Olympic Coins we currently have in stock. So whether you’re a coin collector or a sports fan, we encourage you to browse through our stock and see if you can find a coin with your favourite sport.  

Why start an Olympic Coins collection?

The first Olympic Games originated in Ancient Greece over 2,700 years ago, more precisely in Olympia, South-West Greece. The ancient games originally only had 6 sporting events: Running, Discus, Javelin, Long Jump, Boxing, Wrestling and Horse Racing. If the number of sports had remained the same until today, we probably wouldn’t have a lot of items to show on this page.   

Fortunately for coin collectors, the number of sports has increased quite a bit since then, with the Tokyo 2020 games bringing the total number of sports to 33, which should give you even more options for your future Olympic Coin collection. Plus, coins and medals for the Olympics have been in production since 1896, this means you already have plenty of items from which to choose from.

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Australia, $5 Silver Proof Winter Olympics, 2018

The 2018 Winter Olympics was held in Pyeonchang, South Korea. It was the first time that the Olympics was ever held in South Korea and they made quite a show out of it. Australia issued a crownsized $5.00 to honour their team being at and participating in those Winter Olympics. The coin is struck in Proof 999 fine Silver with a mintage of just 2,018 pieces. It has been selectively gold plated showing a skier and contains one ounce of pure silver. The coin comes in a handsome display case, with an outer box and numbered certificate from the Australian Royal Mint. With the next Olympics almost upon us, collector interest in previous Olympic issues will increase greatly. This is one Olympic coin that will be missing from most collections…

Congo, Scarce Congo Olympic Shot Putt Crown

This is one Olympic coin or crown you almost never see. It was issued by the Republic of the Congo in 1999, for the Sydney, Australia Olympics held in 2000. You have a shot putter getting ready for the throw with a Greek God to his side. The other side has a native figure holding up a tablet like the 10 Commandments reading ‘Unite Travail Progress’. It is full crownsized and has the denomination of 100 Francs and is struck in Uncirculated cupronickel. There were quite a few Olympic coins issued over the years, but this is one that you almost never see. Get it while you can, after all the Olympics are quickly coming up…

Cuba, 1 Peso Ice Hockey

This cupronickel One Peso was issued by Cuba in 1983 for the Winter Olympics held in Sarajevo. It should be noted that the mintage is a very small 3,000 pieces, which in today’s collecting terms can almost be called rare. The coins have two ice hockey players facing off and the obverse has the arms of Cuba. I think this whole series is much under appreciated and one day that might well change.

Elizabeth II, £2 London Olympic Handover Ceremony Silver Proof, 2008

Issued in 2008 for the handover of the Olympics from Beijing to London. These are the Sterling Silver Proof issues.

Greece, 25 Euro Pattern 1996 C N

This crownsized pattern 25 Euros was issued by International Currency Bureau in 1996; it was not issued by the Greek government. On one side you have the Discus Thrower from the ancient Olympic Games. On the other side you have a galley vessel, again of ancient times. This coin is struck in Prooflike Uncirculated Cupro-nickel and is now some 22 years old. Not an easy pre-euro pattern to find and most of the pieces were shipped to Greece. I have bought out one of the original parties that made this piece and therefore I can offer them at a wonderful price. You can add one to your collection for just £7.95, at this price you might want to own more than one…

Mexico, Olympic 25 Pesos 1968

Mexico, 25 Pesos, 1968 MO. Cownsized silver, KM479.1 Brilliant Uncirculated