Old Head 2/6 Fine

The Half Crown of Queen Victoria with the Old Head design is the second largest denomination in silver to be struck with this bust of the Queen. You have the bust of Queen Victoria in her widow’s dress and a crowned shield on the reverse. They are struck in Sterling Silver and were only issued from 1893-1901. A nice large Sterling Silver coin in Fine condition and each one is at least 117 years old. We think you will love this coin, we know that we do.
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In 1887 Queen Victoria finally allowed her portrait on the coinage to be changed. It was 50 years that she kept her Young Head portrait on the coins. The Halfcrown or Two Shillings and Sixpence was perhaps the most used large silver coin at the time. Because of course a Halfcrown was a lot of money then. You have the Queen on the obverse with that silly little crown placed on her head. She hated it because it looked like a toy rather than the real thing. The reverse has a crowned coat of arms within a garter of roses. These Halfcrowns are struck in Sterling Silver and we have them in two grades. Dates will be of our choice, but they were only made from 1887-1892.