Numerian, AD 283-284, Billon Antoninianus. GVF

Numerian was the younger son of the emperor Carus and was a man of considerable literary talents and remarkably easy going. So at the time of the aggressive Carus’ death in enemy territory, Persia, he probably was not the man you wanted in charge! Luckily Numerian was partially blinded by an eye infection so the campaign was successfully concluded by his generals in late A.D. 283. But Numerian’s bad health continued, and while the army was slowly progressing back home he travelled all the way in a closed litter. Still alive at Emesa (according to an inscription found by archaeologists) he did not reach Nicomedia and in November A.D. 284 was discovered dead in the litter by the soldiers who apparently noticed the smell! More likely he was murdered, whether by his father in law Arrius Aper, the commander of the Praetorian Guard, or by Diocles, the leader of his personal bodyguard. Diocles won the ensuing popularity contest and slew Arrius Aper on stage as he accepted the purple. He changed his Greek name to the Latin Diocletian and the stage was set for the last great showdown of the Crisis of the Third Century....... The coins we offer are Antoninianus of Numerian which grade Good Very Fine and have a variety of reverses. Only in power two years, his coins are fairly Scarce, this means we have a limited number and it will be a gap in most collections, don’t miss out.
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