Norway 50 Kroner 2018 P-New Unc

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Canada 10 Dollars 2017 P-New 150th Anniversary Polymer Plastic Unc

In 2017 Canada celebrated 150 years of the Confederation of Canada 1867-2017. One of the ways it marked this milestone was with the issue of a 10 dollar polymer note which represented all the regions of the country and celebrated the work and lives of 4 prominent Canadians. The portraits of John Macdonald, George-Etienne Cartier, James Gladstone and Agnes Campbell Macphail appear on the front alongside a broad see through security panel. The regions of Canada are represented on the back with a view of Capilano Lake, Twin Sisters Mountain, wheatfields, the Kipana River, the coast of New Brunswick and the Northern Lights above Wood Buffalo Park. An impressive note in Uncirculated.

Canada, Paper 5 dollars, signed by Mark Carney as Governor. Crisp UNC

Bank of Canada, $5 printed on paper and issued between 2008 and 2010 (P101Ab)