British West Africa, Edward VII 1908 1/10th penny

Nearly 110 years old and in Uncirculated condition.
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If you collect a coin from every country, then you will need this coin and it has so many things going for it. It is issued under and has the name of King Edward VII on it, something which is quite unusual in its own right. It was issued for a territory that no longer exists, British West Africa.

It is a 1/10th of a Penny coin, issued with a hole in the middle. That was so the natives, without clothing and thus no pockets to put the coins in, could string them together and wear them around their neck.

It was issued in 1908 and thus nearly 110 years old and best of all they are in Uncirculated condition. It is struck in cupronickel and is the first year of the new type, a type that was only issued for three years until Edward VII died.

This is an exciting and unusual coin and one that every collector will want and need. The price is right and you will be delighted with the condition.


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