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300 Different World Coins

These sets were made up by the same man who made up the sets of 501 different world coins. This time he made up sets of 300 different world coins, all the coins are at least 42 years old, some much older. There are Uncirculated coins, used coins, some coins that are very old, but all 300 coins are different and should please everyone. He even put a couple of the old large British Pennies in the sack to balance it out. Remember that no coin is newer than 42 years old and in many cases, much older. You get 300 different world coins for only £85.00, that works out to less than 30 pence a coin. It would be impossible to put together a similar collection today at anything near this price. We have less than 100 collections in stock; get them while you can…

Ancient Greek Lead Slingshot. Ca. 2nd Century B.C.

Ancient Greek Lead Slingshot. Ca. 2nd Century B.C. Approx Measuring 30mm in length. The sling is one of the oldest weapons known to humanity. Biblically famous from the 6th Century B.C., it was used by the unarmoured shepherd David to defeat the giant warrior Goliath. The simplicity of the weapon means it has survived and is still used daily by some shepherds in the world today! Slings can use stones that you can find lying on the floor, though ancient writers state the best ammunition was what we are offering here. Conically, almond-shaped lead ‘bullets’, made in a mold. Shaped to fit in the pouch without falling out and to fly true. These were most likely used by the military and date to the 3rd Century B.C. They come with a small display stand and certificate.

Ancient Roman Black Glass Bead Necklace. Ca. 2nd and 3rd centuries A.D.

Ancient Roman Black Glass Bead Necklace. Ca. 2nd and 3rd centuries A.D. 90 beads per necklace. Average 35cm. Sturdy modern strings so suitable for wearing. Each will come with a certificate of authenticity.

Edward VII, Silver Crown Fine, 1902

1902 Coronation Crown struck in silver, the only crown of King Edward VII.

Elizabeth II, Churchill Crown Uncirculated, 1965

A commemorative coin issued in 1965 after the death of Sir Winston Churchill. The obverse feautures a young laureate bust of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II, with the ledgend around and the date below. The reverse has a portrait of Sir Winston Churchill in a siren suit facing right.