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Edward VIII GB 1936 Silver

These full crownsized pieces were issued to show what Edward VIII’s coinage might have looked like, had he not abdicated. The reverses look very similar to the one used on the George VI crown, which makes sense. There are two types. We are offering the type with a full legend. The mintage is just 750 in Proof Sterling Silver, which we think is rather small. Add this to your British collection, after all they are much less expensive than the original, which sold for over £60,000 years ago…

Charles & Diana Formal Engagement Medal

We issued this medal was issued in 1981, and it was one of only two engagement medals that we issued at the time. The other one was one that we issued with informal portraits on it. The formal one has Prince Charles in a military uniform and Diana in cocktail dress. It is struck in Proof like cupro-nickel and the mintage was rather small. We just found 120 pieces in one of the vault rooms, having been put away for the past 38 years. I am going to offer them at what I think the original price was in 1981, but please remember that there are only 120 pieces available.

George III Crown Fair

In 1816 the government made all of the older coins no longer legal tender. They then issued a whole series of new coins, which were of course legal tender. This is the first type of Crown or Five Shillings to be issued for King George III. They are struck in Sterling Silver and were issued only from 1818-1820. This coin is now proving very hard to get and it has been sometime since we last had enough to offer them to our collectors. Dates of our choice, but we can offer them in Fair and Very Good condition. Here we present the coin in Fair condition. A very important coin as it was the first of the ‘new’ coinage to be struck.

India George V 1920 1/12 Anna Unc

We have available a lot of Uncirculated to Brilliant Uncirculated King George V copper 1/12th Annas of India, all of them dated 1920.

E7 Cyprus Patina Crowned COPPER

This is the Rare Patina version of the Edward VII Cyprus issue, the type with the crowned bust. The mintage of these pieces totalled only 150 examples! This is the Key to the series…! On one side you have the crowned bust of Edward VII and on the other the arms of Cyprus. These full Double Florin sized pieces were struck in three metals Proof Sterling Silver, Proof Copper and Proof Goldine. Remember only 150 of each were ever struck. We are offering them individually and as a set, here we are offering the the Patina version in Proof Copper.

George IV Shilling BH VG

In the reign of King George IV, three different types of Shillings were issued. This is the third and last issue and it was struck from 1825-1829. You have the bare headed portrait of the King on one side and a crowned lion standing on a crown with a rose, thistle and shamrock below. These Shillings were struck in Sterling Silver and we can offer them in two grades, Very Good and Fine. Here we are offering the Lion Shilling in Very Good. Dates will be of our choice, but the more you order the more different dates we will try and give you. An attractive coin that was only issued for five years.