New Stock January 2021

Despite the current worldwide situation we would like to wish you a Happy New Year! Of course, if we are still allowed to wish a 'happy new year' to anyone on the 8th of January... And the year did begin well, at least we had 4 days that almost seamed normal before we were told to stay home again. While we were bemoaning our more than foreseeable fate, rioters in the US decided to storm the Capitol building to protest...

We have many friends in the US and we really hope that the situation across the pond starts to improve soon. In fact, it's only because we have that many friends in the US that we are able to bring the FEATURED ITEM of this uploada Silver Eagle BU in a SnapLock Case for only £38.50.     

But there are plenty of more interesting items in this upload, a 1758 Shilling, a Victorian Double Florin, a 1910 Shilling, the 1st Type of George V Silver Florin and a commemorative coin of the Singapore Summit, where Donald Trump met Kim Jung Un for the first time. Word to the wise, some of these items have limited availability, so they won't be live on our website for long... you know what to do.

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Congo, Warriors of The World Celtic Warrior

This beautiful silvered coin from the Democratic Republic of the Congo was issued in 2010. It is part of their series of Warriors of the World. You have a Celt standing holding his shield and with club raised over his head ready to attack his appointment. It is a beautiful coin with very high emotional appeal. 10 Francs of Silvered Proof, a delightful coin worthy of your collection. Supplies are limited.

Edward VII, Shilling 1902 VG Fine

VG-Fine Condition

Edward VII, Shilling 1906 VG-Fine

VG-Fine Condition

Edward VII, Shilling 1907 VG-Fine

VG-Fine Condition

Edward VII, Shilling 1908 VG-Fine

VG-Fine Condition

Edward VII, Shilling 1910 VG-Fine

VG-Fine Condition