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Romania, Pattern Equestrian Olympics Copper Piedfort

One of the oldest mints in the world, the Romanian Mint made patterns for crowns they were going to issue for the Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia, United States and Nagano, Japan. They were never issued and thus only the patterns exist. The mintage was only 125 pieces in each metal and size (i.e. single thickness or piedfort). So they are some of the RAREST Olympic coins around. We bought quite a lot of the mintage, but over the years we have sold out of many of them.

United States of America, Don't Tread on Me Challenge Coin

This challenge piece says it all. You have a snake from the Colonial period and the legend ‘Don’t Tread on Me’. The other side has the famous Liberty Bell, made in England, shipped to America and then cracked while striking. Today it is in Philadelphia and one of the most important symbols of American freedom. It is enamelled on one side with the American flag in red, white and blue plus green for the pleasant land. The reverse has the Liberty bell in copper colour with a black outline around it. We are offering these at a special price, as we think that they are important. Each comes in a protective capsule and it is one that you will like…

United States of America, Gambling Hotshots Special

This is a fantastic collection if you like to play poker or if you know someone that does. Issued by Bond Gaming International also known as Collectibles Mania. You get 12 dollar-sized full-colour poker chips, each with the photograph of a well known American poker player. You have Daniel Negreanu, Antonio Esfandiari, T J Coultier, Scotty Nguyen and eight others. The chips come in a full-colour album, which holds and displays them. It comes with a signed certificate and that certificate has a hologram on it to authenticate the Poker Chips. The original price for this collection was I understand £24.95 which works out to about £2 each a chip. While our supplies last you can own the complete collection of 12 dollar-sized full-colour gambling chips in a presentation folder for just £9.95 that saves you £15.00 and brings your cost down to about 83p each. What a great gift this collection will make for a poker player you know...

Victoria, Old Head Half Sovereign

There were 3 major types of Queen Victoria Half Sovereigns issued, Young Head, Jubilee Head and Old Head. The Half Sovereign is much scarcer than the full Sovereign. Both are struck in 22ct by the Royal Mint. It is just that the Half Sovereign was the least expensive Gold coin struck at the time. You have the veiled or Old Head portrait of H. M. Queen Victoria on one side and St. George and the dragon on the other side. These are actual gold coins that were used in day today transactions. The coins on offer are in Fine condition and were minted between 1893-1901. These are important type coins and of course the Half Sovereign is a scarce denomination. Dates will be of our choice, but supplies are limited.
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Victoria, Young Head Bronze Farthing Very Fine

The first bronze Farthing with the Young Head portrait of Queen Victoria was issued in 1860 and the last was issued in 1895. We bought a very nice group of these coins in Very Fine condition. No telling what date you will get, but there are no rare dates in the group. Just nice condition examples to add to your collection. The more you order, the more different dates we will try and give you.

Victoria, Young Head Sixpence, Fine

In the whole Young Head series of Queen Victorian coins, the one that we have the most difficulty in getting is the Sixpence. It was struck for years and years (1838-1887), but for some reason this is one type coin that always seems to be missing. We have a small group of these Sterling Silver Sixpences, dates will be of our choice, but the more coins you order, the more different dates we will try and give you. They are available in Fine.