New Stock February 2020

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Norwich Colman's 1/4d

These Norwich Farthing tokens from the 1800’s are in Very Fine condition but we don't have many in stock, so first come,... We are sorry that we'll have to disappoint some collectors but that is all we have...

Somalia, 3 Crowns for Pope John II

We have just 10 sets of Pope John Paul II Somalia Crowns. There are three Prooflike pieces in each set and with the increase in the metal prices; the planchets alone are worth a bunch. As we need the space, and we do not want to count them again, we will be offering them at a discounted price. Only a few lucky collectors will get to bag this bargain, so make sure you are one of them!

Switzerland, Shooting Festival Medal

20th century shooting competition medal from around 1949-1970

Tristan da Cunha, goldine Queen Victoria commemorative crown, 2010

Issued in 2010 to honour Queen Victoria

Tristan da Cunha, Sir Walter Raleigh Diamond Shaped Coin

Sir Walter Raleigh is famous for many things, as a great sailor and explorer, he discovered tobacco in America and brought it back here and even had something to do with potatoes. He tried to find the lost city of Gold in South America but failed. He was a great favourite of Queen Elizabeth I, but when he married one of her maids in waiting, without the Queen’s approval, he was put into the Tower of London. He got out and after Elizabeth died, he got into trouble, time and time again, and it was not long before he was placed back in the Tower again. This diamond-shaped crownsized coin was issued by Tristan da Cunha to honour the great explorer Sir Walter Raleigh. His portrait is on one side and Queen Elizabeth II is on the other. It is heavily silver plated, in Proof condition and in a protective capsule. It even has an ancient sailing ship on it, if you collect ships…

United States of America, 1976 Ike Dollar Bi-Centennial Proof

In 1976 the United States celebrated its Bi-Centennial or 200th anniversary. For just one year they changed the designs of the Ike Dollar. We can offer the Ike Dollar in gleaming Proof condition. This is the cupro-nickel or business strike, the coins that were to actually circulate, but they are in Proof condition. One year type coin, top quality and at a price that will please you. The dollar is a full crownsized, beautiful coin.