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Elizabeth II, £5 Silver Proof Millennium, 1999

Do you remember the prophets of doom that emerged before the year 2000? What about the havoc that the Y2K bug was going to cause? It's hard to believe that more than 20 years have passed since then... but just before the turn of the century, and as a forerunner to the Millennium, the Royal Mint issued this Silver Proof £5 in 1999. You have three dates on it, two on one side and one on the other. On the obverse, you have a portrait of the Queen and the date 1999, the date it was actually issued. On the other side, you have a map of the world with Great Britain prominent with the Greenwich Meridian at the top. On the one side, you have 1999 and on the other side, you have 2000. Each piece is struck in Proof Sterling silver and each coin comes in the Royal Mint capsule as issued. It is one of the more interesting of the Royal Mint’s Five Pound series.

Elizabeth II, 1987 Deluxe Proof Set

For some reason the 1987 Proof Set has always been known as the Forgotten Proof Set. I can’t understand why. There are two coins, the 10p and the 50p which are only available in the Royal Mint sets. So if you need these two coins they have to come from a set. The 1987 Proof Set contains the £1, 50p, 20p, 10p, 5p, 2p and 1p in the Royal Mint display case of issue. We offer this 1987 Proof Set in the Red leather presentation case.

Elizabeth II, 5 Pence Proof, 1987

I was looking through one of our drawers and I came across four Decimal 5 Pence pieces in Proof condition. How we got them and when is lost in the distant past. But these are coins that many collectors might want and they are priced to sell.

Elizabeth II, Silver Proof Pound, 2001

This Silver Pound features the Rank-Broadley bust of the Queen and is a rather handsome rendition. The reverse has a Celtic Cross which is to honour Northern Ireland. These later date Pounds are getting much more difficult to find and the price is very competitive. Our supplies are limited and at only £39.50! We think it is an excellent buy, please get in quickly…

Elizabeth II, Silver Proof 'Scottish' Pound in capsule FDC, 1994

New reverse design to honour Scotland with the Maklouf portrait of Queen Elizabeth on the obverse.

Gambia, 10th Anniv Crown

Gambia or The Gambia as it is officially called, celebrated their 10th anniversary of independence in 1975. Of course they called it their 10th anniversary of freedom, but that is just how you care to phrase it. This crownsized 10 Dalasis was struck at the Royal Mint. They are struck in Proof Sterling Silver and come in a protective capsule. You have the bust of the President, Sir Dawda Jawara is on one side and the arms of Gambia, a shield supported by two lions is on the other side. We have just 15 pieces in stock. Today the Royal Mint charges about £80 for a silver proof crownsized coin, so our price is less than half that price, but supplies are limited.