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George III, Bank of England Dollar, 1804

The emergency issue, Uncirculated with wondeful nice toning and full lustre. These Dollars were re-struck from Spanish -American 8 Reales until around 1811.

George IV, Halfpenny, 1827

Obverse: Laureate head facing left, Reverse: Britannia seated with shield and trident. About Uncirculated but a few small edge nicks.

George IV, Shilling, 1826

Obverse, Bare Head facing left, date below. Reverse, Lion on Crown. Uncirculated with lovely toning.

George IV, Third Farthing, 1827

Brilliant Uncirculated with full mint lustre. Hard to find a better example.

George V, Wreath Crown, 1928

Obverse: Bare head facing left, Reverse: Crown and date within wreath. Uncirculated but with minor contact marks in field behind head

James I, Gold Laurel (1603-1625) Very Fine

Third bust, Very Fine but small edge flaw at 10 o'clock, mm Thistle (1621-23).

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