British Coins

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Anne Farthing, 1714

Extremely Fine and very rare, only struck as a pattern.

Anne, Sixpence Uncirculated, 1711

Uncirculated with nice light toning, adjustment marks to the 17 of the date, Rare so choice

Charles II, Crown Good Very Fine, 1672

Third larger bust, Reverse: Crowned cruciform shields, interlinked C's in angles. Good Very Fine with a very interesting die break going through 'CAROLVS', it looks like the die was just about to break

Charles II, Halfcrown, 1663

First bust, Reverse: Crowned cruciform shields, interlinked C's in angles, regnal year on edge. Good Very Fine / Extremely Fine struck on a large planchet almost like a trial strike, and Rare thus catalogues £4,750 in Extremely Fine

Edward VI, Silver Sixpence Fine, 1547-1553

Obverse: Facing bust of Edward VI, rose to left and value VI to right. Reverse: Shield on cross. Mintmark Tun. Near Extremely Fine with a superb portrait, an attractive and rare coin especially so choice and the Sixpence is much scarcer than the Shilling

George II, Shilling Lima, 1745

Obverse: Old laureate and draped bust facing left, LIMA below, Reverse: Cruciform shields, garter star at centre, plain angles. Uncirculated / about Uncirculated with nice toning.