New Stock Banknotes February 2020

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Bank of England, J.B. Page, £5 Wellington (B336) UNC

Bank of England £5 with The Duke of Wellington vignette. Litho printed with 'L' on back.

Biafra Trio 5/- 10/- & £1 (P2,3 & 4) Good Fine – VF

The Biafra Civil war raged from 1967 until 1970 and took a terrible toll. During this brief period of secession from Nigeria, Biafra issued its own banknotes. The first issue was in 1967 and then a subsequent series was issued between 1968 and 1969. We offer a trio of notes which actually circulated in Biafra during this terrible time. It comprises the first variety of £1 note (P2) and the 5 and 10 shilling notes from the 2nd series.(P2, 3 and 4) This trio grades Good Fine – VF

Indonesia 20,000 Rupiah P138 Unc

These 20,000 rupiah notes issued by Indonesia in 1998 feature the Hindu deity Ganesha, the god of beginnings and remover of obstacles (P138) The symbol of Ganesha’s elephant’s head appears alongside the portrait of Ki Hadjar Dewantara, a leading Indonesia independence activist. The back G shows a typical school classroom scene.

Papua New Guinea 5 Kina nd (2009) P29 Unc Plastic

Papua New Guinea 5 kina (2009) P29 Mauve Printed on polymer plastic Parliament building/ Carved mask and artefacts Unc

Russia, 1,000 Roubles 1917 P37 GF-GVF

These huge Russia 1000 roubles are dated 1917, the same year as the Russian Revolution (P37) The front has an underprint of a swastika, which at that time was a symbol of peace and did not have the connotations we give it today. On the back a view of the Duma building is in a frame at the centre. Large notes, about the size of our own White £5 note. Crisp GF-GVF at just £12.50

Victoria Cleland £10 B411 Unc

Victoria Cleland £10 Orange Historical B411 Queen / Darwin Unc