New Stock Banknotes December 2020

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Russia, Alexander III 25 Roubles 1909 P12

Russia Alexander III 25 Roubles 1909 P12 Fine

Issued in 1909, just 8 years before the Russian Revolution, these 25 roubles feature an impressive portrait of Alexander III on the back (P12) He was Tsar of Russia from 1881 until 1894. He became Tsar after the assassination of his father Alexander II. The front has a fairly simple design with Imperial crowned double headed eagle on the front and sunburst underprint design. Alexander’s stern portrait is on the back
Picture of Zaire 5 Zaires 1977 P21b Unc

Zaire 5 Zaires 1977 P21b Unc

Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of Congo), started issuing its own banknotes in 1971 when the country changed its name from the Belgian Congo. From this first issue we are delighted to offer Uncirculated examples of the 5 zaires dated 1977 (P22) They are fairly large with a portrait of President Mobutu is in civilian clothes shown on the front. A carving of a seated woman and the barrage of the Inga Hydroelectric dam on the Congo River appear on the back. Uncirculated at £4.25