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Austria 1000 Kronen 1902 P61 GVF-EF

Although these large 1000 kronen note bear the date 1902, they were actually issued in 1919 (P59 & P61) At the end of the First World War, the Austrian Hungarian Empire was broken up and Austria became an independent Republic. They are densely engraved in blue. The fronts both feature a young girl in a frame with garlands of flowers in her hair. A crowned double headed eagle is at the centre. On one, the back mirrors the front design (P59) while the other has the young girl featured to the left and right with a patterned design below(P61) Available separately or as a pair.

Black Sheep Bank 1 Punt Caernarvon Castle Cancelled To Order

Issued in 1969 by banker Richard Williams for his Black Sheep Bank these 1 punt (or £1) notes have a red Welsh Dragon atop an abacus to the right on the front. A colour rendition of Caernarvon Castle appears on the back. Once the Treasury in London got wind of his activities Williams was forced to cancel his notes which is why a Cancelled to Order overprint appears to the right on the front. Uncirculated K and at a very special price this issue of just £19.50

Canada 1 Dollar 1954 Elizabeth II P74/5 Fine

A pair of One Dollar notes from Canada featuring portraits of King George VI and his daughter Queen Elizabeth II. The George VI dollar is dated 1937, the year of his Coronation (P58) and are in Fine condition. The Elizabeth II dollar is dated 1954, the year after her Coronation and are in Fine to VF condition. (P74/5) Available separately or as a pair.

China 5-20 Yuan 2005 Mao TseTung Trio P903-5 Unc

A trio of Uncirculated notes from China, dated 2005 and featuring a portrait of Mao Tse Tung. Included are the 5, 10 and 20 yuan (P903-5) The backs feature prominent landscapes including a Mountain Valley, the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River and a river scene at Guilin. Crisp Uncirculated at £12.75.

Chris Salmon £10 Darwin B408 Unc

Chris Salmon £10 B408 Queen Eliz/ Darwin Unc

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