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Bull & Horseman Jital from Afghanistan

These fantastic silver coins are over 1000 years old. They were struck by the Shahi Dynasty who ruled large parts of the region we now know as Afghanistan, Pakistan and Northern India and they controlled both sides of the fabled Khyber Pass. At the end of the 9th century they lost Kabul to the Muslim invaders and were forced east where they stayed in power for another century until the rise of the Ghaznavid Empire led to the decline and fall of the Shahi Kingdom. On one side is a horseman bearing a lance with a banner and on the other side is a Brahma Bull with a legend in ancient script meaning ‘Honourable Chief Commander’. They are in About Very Fine condition which, considering they are over 1000 years old, is fantastic and our price of £17.95 is even better. These sold out last time and we’re not sure if we’ll be able to get more after this.

Elizabeth II, £2 Bi-Metallic Piedford 1998

In 1997 the Royal Mint changed the Two Pound Piece. They made it smaller and they also made it bi-metallic and as with all new designs or types, collectors put them away. Come the next year and 1998 was almost forgotten by collectors. The coin on offer is the collector’s version of the circulating £2 of 1998, but struck in Proof Sterling Silver. To make the coin look like a bi-metallic coin, they gold plated the rim of the coin, so you see gold and silver, similar colours to the circulating issue. This 1998 Silver Proof £2 is not an easy coin to find and many collectors are missing it. An interesting coin almost forgotten by collectors sold at the right price.

Elizabeth II, Half Sovereign, 2011 BU

Gold Half-Sovereign dated 2011 in Brilliant Uncirculated condition
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Finland, (Free of Russian Occupation) 25 Penna Unc

What most people don’t know is that Finland only became a free and independent country in 1917. Before then it was under the control of Russia. Here we present the 25 Penna issued by Finland as a free nation. The difference was, under Russian rule, it had a double-headed eagle with a crown on the coin. The same coin was then issued by a Free Finland without the crown on the double-headed eagle. The coin is struck in silver, it is over 100 years and it's in Extremely Fine or better condition. Finland was only able to gain its freedom because Russia itself was caught in the middle of a revolution. A fantastic high-grade silver coin issued after Finland became an independent nation. Add it to your collection!

George III, Shilling 1787 Extremely Fine

George III (1760-1820) Shilling, 1787 with semée of hearts. Extremely Fine

George III, Sixpence 1787 Uncirculated

Most will know about the illness of King George III, but most don’t know that because of that illness the King would not allow a law to make smaller coins to be passed. This of course caused a lot of problems with day to day commerce; there just were not enough small coins around to make change. There are only two silver coins struck before the Currency Reform Act of 1816, that are readily available to collectors: the George III Sixpence and the Shilling of 1787. There is a simple but almost unbelievable reason for this. These coins were struck at the Royal Mint from silver delivered from the Bank of England. The Bank decided that they would need some new shinny coins to give out to their clients at Christmas. So only the Bank of England had these silver coins, and they only handed them out during the Christmas period, and only to their wealthy clients. So now you have the whole history! You have King George III dressed in what looks like Roman armour, and on the reverse the arms of Hanover and France as well as England, Scotland, and Ireland. Back in 1787, you had to be somehow important to have one of these Sixpences, important enough to do business directly with the Bank of England, and someone they wanted to treat. We have selected some very high-quality examples of this beautiful and very important historical coin for your collection.

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