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Turkey 1 Million Lirasi (1995) P209 Unc

In the 1990’s when these 1 million lira were issued. Turkey was experiencing high inflation/ (B212) Not many countries issue notes with million denominations and for those of you who make this your collecting theme this is definitely one you should include in your collection. Kemal Ataturk, architect of modern Turley appears on the front. An aerial view of a dam appears on the back. Crisp Uncirculated

J B Page Portrait £1 B322 Unc

J B Page £1 Green Portrait B322 Queen Eliz/ Young Britannia Unc

The United States Car Company Share Certificate 1894

These Share Certificates are dated 1894 and were issued to raise money for the United States Car Company. The car in this case refers to the railway cars which the company manufactured. The central vignette is of a wonderful steam train on the tracks with a farm in the background. Our certificates will be either in green or red. Kept folded over the years they are in crisp condition. Limited availability.

Diana FDC & Phonecard

It was years ago that we offered this fantastic Princess Diana phonecard inside a First Day Cover. We sold out and could have sold many more than we had. We managed to buy 100 more pieces that someone had put aside almost 20 years ago. The phone card has a picture of the Princess Diana stamp that is on the First Day Cover. The face value of the stamp is $300 Guyana and the face value of the stamp is $10.00. It is beautiful and very difficult to find these days. Well worth having and we think you will love it.

Russia Alexander I Patina 1825 Pewter

This outstnading Alexander I 1825 ‘Rouble’ is from ‘The Imperial Russian Patina Collection’ and is struck in Pewter. This looks like silver but is much harder to strike, so the minters don’t use it all that much. A Patina is a retro-pattern to show what a Russian Crown or Rouble might have looked like at the time, had they been struck. These are top quality, extremely well engraved pieces, crownsized and struck in Proof Pewter. Forget what a piece like this would normally sell for, you can have this superb Alexander I 1825 ‘Rouble’for an excellent price.