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South Africa 10 Rand 2018 Mandela 100th Birthday P-New Unc

South Africa has just issued new notes which celebrate the centenary of the birth of Nelson Mandela 1918-2018. Here we offer the 10 rand note from the new series (P-New) The design is the same for the 10 and 20 rand notes. The front has a large portrait of Nelson Mandela. The back features Mandela as a younger man wearing traditional dress in a rural setting with sheep. The legend reads Madiba, the country’s affectionate name for this towering personality. Uncirculated.

Ireland 5 Punt 1990's P75b Unc

Ireland joined the Euro and abandoned its own currency. These Crisp Uncirculated 5 Punt notes are from the last design before the changeover.(P75) They are quite small with a portrait of Catherine McAulay in the foreground and a view of the Misericordiae Hospital in Dublin in the background. She was a nun who established the Sisters of Mercy in 1831. This order was long associated with education . The back depicts a schoolroom with an extract from a poem by Antoine O’Riafteiri on the blackboard. These are all dated in the 1990’s and are in Crisp Uncirculated.

Austria 1000 Kronen Nd (1919) P59 GEF/Unc

Although this large 1000 kronen note bears the date 1902, it was actually issued in 1919 (P59) At the end of the First World War, the Austrian Hungarian Empire was broken up and Austria became an independent Republic. They are densely engraved in blue. The front has a young girl in a frame with garlands of flowers in her hair. A crowned double headed eagle is at the centre. The back is the same with the addition of an overprint in red of Deutscheossterriech alongside. Available here in Crisp GEF/Unc.

Turkey 1 Million Lirasi (1995) P209 Unc

In the 1990’s when these 1 million lira were issued. Turkey was experiencing high inflation/ (B212) Not many countries issue notes with million denominations and for those of you who make this your collecting theme this is definitely one you should include in your collection. Kemal Ataturk, architect of modern Turley appears on the front. An aerial view of a dam appears on the back. Crisp Uncirculated

The United States Car Company Share Certificate 1894

These Share Certificates are dated 1894 and were issued to raise money for the United States Car Company. The car in this case refers to the railway cars which the company manufactured. The central vignette is of a wonderful steam train on the tracks with a farm in the background. Our certificates will be either in green or red. Kept folded over the years they are in crisp condition. Limited availability.

Djibouti 40 Francs nd (2017) P-New Unc

Aquite spectacular note was recently issued by Djibouti, a relatively small country which is strategically located near the Red Sea, serving as a key refuelling centre and entry port. In 1977 Djibouti became independent from France. This stunning 40 francs celebrates the 40th Anniversary of Independence (P-New) The front is dominated by a whale shark swimming amongst coral while the back refers to the importance of Djibouti as a trading centre with a view of the harbour, container ships and cranes. A wonderful note in Crisp Uncirculated