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Rare Nagano Skiing Olympics Piedfort Aluminium

One of the oldest mints in the world, the Romanian Mint made patterns for crowns they were going to issue for the Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia, United States and Nagano, Japan. They were never issued and thus only the patterns exist. The mintage was only 125 pieces in each metal and size (i.e. single thickness or piedfort). So they are some of the RAREST Olympic coins around. We bought quite a lot of the mintage, but over the years we have sold out of many of them.

1987 Silver Proof Piedfort Pound

In 1984 the Royal Mint started it’s first series of Silver Proof Pounds, they were for Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and finally England. This 1987 issue was the last of the series and was for England. These are the normal coins that are used in circulation, but special collectors editions which the Royal Mint struck in Proof Sterling Silver and an even smaller number in double thick Sterling Silver, which they call Piedfort. Many collectors believe that they should start at the beginning of a series and then work toward today’s coins. The coins we offer are the Piedforts. Each coin comes in the protective capsule as issued by the Mint. Sterling Silver is 925 parts Silver per 1,000 parts total and is the Silver that our coins used to be made of. Remember these are double the normal thickness. Add this beautiful Sterling Silver Piedfort Proof Pound to your collection, it’s a nice place to start…

Edward VII Halfcrown Fine

Edward VII had a very short reign, 1901-1910, because his Mother, Queen Victoria, lived so long. Much of his coinage is difficult to get and in some cases rather expensive. All of his silver coins were struck in Sterling Silver and a crown was only issued in 1902 for his Coronation. So we offer the Sterling Silver Halfcrown, the largest denomination silver coin stuck for regular usage. It has the bare head of the King on one side and a beautiful crowned shield on the other side. Dates will be of our choice, but no rare dates are included. Available here in Fine condition.

Zambia 10 Deadly Bugs Proof Crowns

Now this is a set that you don’t see often… In 2010 the Cape Mint made a collection of 10 (Ten) full colour silver plated crownsized 1000 Kwacha. They depicted 10 different deadly bugs of the world. We start off with The Funnel Web Spider, African Bee, Jumper Ant, Giant Hornet, Scorpion, Harvest Ant, Tsetse Fly, Bullet Ant, Mosquito and finally the famous Black Widow Spider. Originally these beautiful proofs were thought to be silver, but they in fact heavily silver plated with a full colour picture of the bug on the back. Each choice Proof coin comes in a capsule to protect it and to protect you from the bug, even if it is only a photograph. The current catalogue price is £35-$45 a coin, making a minimum catalogue of $350 (£267.00).

George IV Bare Head Shilling Very Good

King George IV only ruled from 1820-1830, so his coinage was rather short lived. The coin on offer is his sterling silver shilling issued between 1825-1829. You have the King’s head facing left and the reverse has a lion standing on a crown. They were only issued in 1825, 1826, 1827 and 1829. When you joined the army or navy you were said to take the King’s Shilling, so why not take The Sailor King’s Shilling? These coins are now over 180 years old and time to add one or more to your collection. In Very Good condition.

Russia Nicholas I Patina 1832 Pewter

This Russian Patina or retro pattern was issued for Czar Nicholas I (1825-1855). It is retro-dated 1832 for his death. His cause of death is still unknown, it is speculated that he committed suicide after the defeat during the Crimean War. Each is full crownsized and struck in Proof Pewter, a most difficult metal to work with, so the mintage was greatly restricted.