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George VI Sixpence 1946 Gem Uncirculated

In 1947 the Royal Mint removed silver from circulating coinage. So the 1946 dated coins were the last ones to be struck using silver. We have found a small quantity of the King George VI sixpence dated 1946, which is the last silver sixpence ever issued for circulation. The coins on offer are some of the finest you can find, here in Gem Uncirculated. A great opportunity to add the last ever silver sixpence to your collection in wonderful condition…

1998 £5 Uncirculated

1998 commemorative Prince Charles' 50th Birthday Uncirculated £5 coin, struck in cupro-nickel and has limited supplies.

Newfoundland George VI 10c

Before Newfoundland officially it became part of the Canadian Federation they used to issue their own coinage. For country collectors, you will need a coin of Newfoundland. They issued coins from the time of Queen Victoria right up to King George VI. This issue we are offering some of the last silver coins issued by Newfoundland, under King George VI, Queen Elizabeth II’s Father. Here we offer you the silver Ten Cents with the portrait of King George VI: one of the last coins issued for Newfoundland as an independent entity. Coins will be in Fine-Very Fine condition and nice examples.

Bermuda $5 Silver Proof 2014

This delightful silver Proof 5 Dollars from Bermuda was issued in 2014. On the obverse you have a portrait of The Queen. On the reverse you have her as a younger woman inspecting the troops, with the legend ‘Promise to Dedication’. We have never seen this silver proof Crown before and it is one that is rather beautiful and interesting. Each coin comes in a capsule but we only have 15 examples for sale. Don’t miss out this is a rather beautiful coin and one that deserves to be in your collection.

1993 £5 40th Aniv of the Queen's Reign CN

1993 commemorative 40th Anniversary of Coronation Elizabeth II Uncirculated £5 coin, struck in cupro-nickel and has limited supplies.

1996 £5 Uncirculated

1996 commemorative Queen Elizabeth II 70th Birthday Uncirculated £5 coin, struck in cupro-nickel and has limited supplies.