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Poland 1000 Marek 1919 P20 AU/Unc

Issued by Poland and dated 1919, this 1000 marek note is pretty impressive. It measures 52mm x 82mm and is densely engraved in brown. (P29) The front has the portrait of national hero Tadeusz Kosciuszko. The back has a crowned eagle within a frame. Superb condition, now almost 100 years old and in Crisp AU/Unc

Coastal Cheque Collection (10)

From our vast stock of cheques we have gathered together 10 different cheques from 10 different coastal locations around the British Isles. They are dated from the 1870’s through to the early years of the twentieth century. Included are cheques from Thurso, Ramsay, Oban, Whitby, Isle of Wight, Whitehaven, Felixstowe, Cromer, Eastbourne and Brighton. A bumper Coastal Cheque Collection

Argentina 50 Pesos 2018 P-New Unc

The latest issue in the new series of Argentina notes is the 50 pesos (P-New) The central illustration is of the iconic condor, a common sight in the mountains of Argentina. The condor is in full flight on the front of the note while on the back it is shown soaring over a mountain range. Crisp Uncirculated

Comoros 1000 francs P16 Unc

Comoros 1000 francs P16 Blue and m/c man in outrigger canoe/ Fish Unc

Western Samoa 100 Tala P37 Unc

Samoa (Western) 100 tala P36 Pink and green Man at r and domed structure at centre/Processing cacao harvest Unc

Burma Japanese Occupation 10 Rupees P16 AU-Unc

In the countries Japan occupied during the Second World War, a special currency was issued denominated in the currency of the country before the occupation. In the case of Burma these Japanese Government headed notes were denominated in rupees. We offer examples of the 10 rupees issued for Burma (P16) The design was simple with a vignette of temples on the front and a panel of engraving on the back. Available here in A Unc - Unc.