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Picture of Carinus Antoninianus GVF

Carinus Antoninianus GVF

Before the Crisis of the Third Century most cities in the Roman Empire did not have walls, dried fruit from Syria could be bought in Britain and copper from Cornwall was traded in Egypt! To finish our series we offer the last emperor of the Crisis from the final and short dynasty, Carinus. Carinus was in his early thirties when he was made Caesar by Carus, his father, in A.D. 282. More competent than his brother, Numerian, he quelled disturbances in Gaul & Germania. He returned to Rome in charge of the West while his father and brother went to war in the East in A.D. 283. Bias sources have him marrying then divorcing nine women, forcing others into affairs and murdering people he deemed disrespectful. Regardless, he never saw Carus or Numerian again but in their place returned Diocletian at the head of the victorious eastern army. In July A.D. 285 they met at the Battle of the Margus River (the modern Morava River) in Moesia. Legends state Carinus was winning when he was betrayed and stabbed in the back for forcing himself on that person’s wife. Some name them as his Praetorian Prefect and joint Consul, Aristobulus, which appears to have some truth as Diocletian kept Aristobulus in service and later made him governor of multiple provinces. So maybe some of those rumours were right! But judging by the two year run of coins for his wife, Magnia Urbica, the marrying rumour isn’t. This ended what we call ‘The Crisis of the Third Century’ as Diocletian stabilised the Roman Empire with the Tetrarchy system. We offer you Antoninianus of Carinus, the last emperor of the Crisis, in Very Fine Condition with a variety of reverses. After his death what we call a ‘Damnatio Memoriae’ was enacted, Diocletian destroyed his inscriptions and coins, trying to wipe him from the record. This means he is Scarce and a difficult coin to find. Don’t miss out on this last emperor from our series.
Picture of Congo, 10 Francs 2010 Templar Knight

Congo, 10 Francs 2010 Templar Knight

From medieval times the Templar Knight or better known as the Knight Templar was both famous and infamous, depending on which side of the sword you were on. They have been honoured by a rather beautiful 10 Francs issued by the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2010. It is part of their Warriors of the World Series. However we must warn or delight you, whichever side of the sword… although it looks like a beautiful silver crown in Choice Proof condition, it is actually a beautiful silver plated crown in Choice Proof condition. But I am sure your friends won’t know the difference when you show it to them. All they will know is that it is a beautiful coin.
£5 (Ceremony Keys) 2019 Silver Proof_obv

Elizabeth II, (Ceremony of the Keys) £5 2019 Silver Proof

The Ceremony of the Keys started in 1340 when Edward III returned and found the castle doors unlocked. So every night they have a fantastic ceremony to show that the doors are locked. That also means that the Wardens are locked inside as well. This Sterling Silver Proof £5 was issued in 2019 to honour the event as part of their Tower of London Collection. You have the lamp and the keys on one side and Queen Elizabeth II on the other side. They are Choice Proofs in the complete original Royal Mint packaging including certificate and booklet. These were issued at £82.50. We have a limited number of pieces available, and you can have one for just £69.50.
Picture of Elizabeth II, 1/10 Britannia Silver, 2006

Elizabeth II, 1/10 Britannia Silver, 2006

The Britannia silver series is usually only available in Proof condition, except for the one-ounce silver. But in 2006 the Royal Mint issued the 1/10th Silver Britannia in Uncirculated condition. As far as we know, this is the only year that they issued this coin in Uncirculated condition. So it is a Very Important type coin. This is a special coin. First, because it was only issued for one year and secondly and most importantly because we can sell it for such a cheap price. Each coin is in Brilliant Uncirculated condition and struck in Sterling Silver, they only ever issued this coin in Uncirculated for one year. So it is a Very Important type coin. You can have this 1/10th Britannia only issued in 2006 for just £8.95. At this price, it really is a Special Offer!
Picture of Elizabeth II, 1972 Royal Mint Proof Set

Elizabeth II, 1972 Royal Mint Proof Set

7 coin set in original packaging.
£49.50 £42.50
Picture of Elizabeth II, 1972 Wedding Crown Sterling Silver Proof

Elizabeth II, 1972 Wedding Crown Sterling Silver Proof

In 1972 the Royal Mint issued a commemorative 25 Pence or Crown for the Queen & Prince Phillip’s 25th Wedding Anniversary. What most people don’t realise is that there were three different types issued. You have the base metal or cupronickel Crown that was issued in Uncirculated theoretically for circulation and the Sterling Silver Proof issued for collectors, but you also have a third type issued. This is the cupronickel Proof which came in the 1972 Proof Set. The type offered here is the Sterling Silver Proof. It is a simple design with EP for Elizabeth and Phillip on one side and the Queen’s portrait on the other side. It is also the first decimal crown or 25 Pence to be struck for the Queen.