New Stock 20th February

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India 10 Rupees P-New Unc

India 10 rupees P-New Smaller size than before Brown on white Mahatma Gandhi/ Wheel Unc

Austria 1 krone 1922 P73

Austria 1 krone 1922 Tiny red on white Uniface P73 Simple design Unc

Burma Japanese Occupation Half Rupee (1942) P13b Unc

Burma Japanese Occupation Half Rupee nd (1942) P13b Green on cream Temples/Design Unc

Nicaragua 20 Cordobas 2014 P211 Plastic Unc

Nicaragua 20 cordobas 2014 P211 Orange Printed on polymer plastic Church/Dancers Unc

Argentina 50 Pesos Argentinos P314 Unc

Argentina 50 pesos argentinos P314 Brown and green. Belgrano at r/ Thermal springs Unc

Equatorial Guinea (as Centr Afr States) 500 Francs P501N Unc

Equatorial Guinea (as Central African States) 500 francs P501Ng Brown and blue. Young herdsman with cattle/Antelope grazing in clearing and wood carving. N Country code. Unc