New Stock 20th February

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Nigeria 50 Kobo nd P14 Unc

Nigeria 50 kobo (1973-8) P14 Blue and beige Building/ Lumberjack sawing lumber Unc

Papua New Guinea 100 Kina P37a Unc

Papua New Guinea 100 kina P37 Green and peach Parliament building/ Container ship, plane and lorry Hybrid with plastic see through panel. Unc

Cambodia 1000 rials 1999 P51 Unc

Cambodia 1000 riels 1999 P51 Brown on white Ankor Wat//Road building Unc

Ceylon 20 Rupees 1979 P86a Unc

Ceylon 20 rupees 1979 P86a Green, grey and pink Bird at centre/ Bird in flight , palm, snake and lizard pretty Unc

Gambia 100 Dalasis nd P29 Hologram Unc

Gambia 100 dalasis nd (2006-10) P29 Brown, green and blue Bird on branch at centre and man at r/ Independence Arch Unc

Zimbabwe 1000 Dollars 2006/7 P44 Unc

Zimbabwe 1000 dollars 2006 P44 Brown on cream Simple design/ Rocky landscape Unc