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Henry III, Short Cross Penny London

Henry III, 1216-1272, Short Cross Penny, London, Moneyer Abel, ABEL ON LVNDE. Obverse a little off centre. About Very Fine

William IV, Farthing 1837

William IV, 1830-37, Farthing, 1837 (last year of issue). Good Very Fine

Henry VIII, Groat 2nd coinage

Henry VIII, 1509-1547, Second Coinage, Groat, London, mm Lis. Fine-Very Fine

Edward III, Pre-Treaty Halfgroat London

Edward III, 1327-1377, Pre-Treaty Halfgroat, London. Type E with broken letters. About Very Fine

William III, Crown 1696

William III, 1694-1702, Crown, 1696, Edge OCTAVO. Very Fine

Florian, AD 276, Billon Antoninianus. Rev. VIRTVS AVGVSTI

Florian, AD 276, Billon Antoninianus. Obv. Radiate head of Florian facing right. Rev. VIRTVS AVGVSTI, Mars, in military attire, advancing right, holding transverse spear and trophy over shoulder. Officina mark II in exergue, Lugdunum Mint. (S.11879). Extremely Fine condition with traces of original silvering on obverse. A very rare coin from an emperor who only held power for three months from June to August AD 276.