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George II, Young Head Halfpenny 1731

George II, 1727-60, Young Head Copper Halfpenny, 1731. About Extremely Fine and a minor mint error, the coin struck about 5% off centre

Earls Court Ferris Wheel

Earls Court Ferris Wheel, Bronze Medal, 1897. In 1895 a gigantic ferris wheel was built in Earls Court, London. To mark the event, they struck these bronze medals as souvenirs with an engraving of the wheel on one side and facts about the wheel on the other. They are 32mm diameter and were struck for each year from 1895-1907. This example is dated 1897 and is as struck with lovely toning and is now over 120 years old.

William IV, Farthing 1831

William IV, 1830-37, Farthing, 1831 (First year of issue), Good Very Fine

Edward VII, Shilling 1910

Edward VII, 1901-1910, Shilling 1910 (last year of issue), Choice Brilliant Uncirculated with nice light toning.

Victoria, Farthing 1873

Victoria, 1837-1901, Farthing 1873. Uncirculated, nicely toned.

Henry III, Short Cross Penny London

Henry III, 1216-1272, Short Cross Penny, London, Moneyer Abel, ABEL ON LVNDE. Obverse a little off centre. About Very Fine