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Last £1 & 10/- Pair EF

The Ten shilling note was the shortest lived denomination banknote issued by the Bank of England. It was introduced in 1928 and vanished from circulation in 1971 on decimalisation. The £1 note was introduced as an emergency measure in 1797, discontinued in 1812 and only destined to reappear in 1928. It was finally retired in 1988 in favour of a coin. We offer pairs of the last design Ten Shillings and £1 notes in crisp Extremely Fine

Royal Bank Scotland Limited £5 1978 P337a Unc

We are delighted to offer Crisp Uncirculated examples of the Royal Bank of Scotland Limited £5 notes dated May 1978.(P337a) This was just a few years before all UK banks were obliged to change their titles and become Public Limited Companies. This meant the Royal Bank had to remove the word Limited in its title and replace it with the letters plc. These Royal Bank Limited £5 notes are genuinely scarce in Crisp Uncirculated. The crest of the Bank is on the front and a view of Culzean Castle is on the back. Burke signs as Managing Director. We offer these wonderful notes, but supply is quite limited so reservations recommended.

Scottish Polymer £10 X 3 Diff Replacements (P131/229Q & 371) Unc

All three issuing banks in Scotland have issued polymer £10 notes in the last couple of years. Because notes are occasionally damaged in production there has also been a need to produce replacement notes to make up packs prior to issue. In Scotland, these replacement notes are currently identified by the presence of ZZ in the prefix. These replacement notes are much scarcer than the regular issue and we have always had to rely on beady eyed collectors to rescue them from circulation. These replacement notes are found here and there and in dribs and drabs so we are delighted to be able to offer a set of 3 Uncirculated examples of the Replacement £10 one from each of the issuing Scottish Banks – that is the Bank of Scotland, Clydesdale Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland. It was quite a task to get this offering together and availability is very limited.

Libya 1 Dinar Pair Ghadaffi & Post Ghadaffi P68/P76 Unc

Colonel Muammar Gadaffi ruled Libya for over 40 years. He was killed in 2011 during the Libyan Civil War. Prior to his demise the banknotes of Libya featured his portrait. Afterwards it was replaced with notes celebrating the Libya which emerged from the bloody civil war. We offer Crisp Uncirculated examples of the Libya 1 dinar note- one issued while Gadaffi was in power and one issued in the aftermath of his rule (P68/76) The first features a pensive pose of Gadaffi on the front and a mosque on the back. The later issue features a triumphant group of citizens and a flock of doves. Uncirculated Libya pair.

N Ireland Provincial Bank £1 1979 P247b Unc

The Provincial Bank of Ireland issued banknotes in Northern Ireland until 1981 when the Allied Irish Bank group of which had been part since 1966, took over. These £1 notes are dated 1979, the last date for a £1 note issued by the Provincial Bank (P247b) The front has a young girl to the right and the shields of the six counties below. The back references The Girona, a ship which was part of the Spanish Armada and which foundered off Lacada Point in Northern Ireland in 1588. Crisp Uncirculated.

China Pair 10 & 20 Custom Gold Units 1930 GEF/Unc

Custom Gold Units were a currency, printed in a vertical format and issued by the Central Bank of China between 1930 and 1948. They were used as a standard for customs payments. Initially they were fixed against the US dollar and were a means for business men to minimize exchange costs. We offer Crisp examples of the 10 and 20 Custom Gold Units dated 1930 (P327 & 8) The front show a portrait of Sun Yat Sen while a view of Bank Headquarters is on the backs. The pair in Crisp GEF/Unc