New Banknotes Stock December 2019

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Australia, 1 dollar P42d Unc

Australia 1 dollar nd P42d Brown and yellow Bareheaded Queen Eliz II at r and arms at centre/ Aboriginal art Unc

Australia, 2 Dollars P43 Macarthur/Fraser Unc

Australia was the pioneer in the development of polymer banknotes to replace paper. The first polymer note appeared in 1988 with the commemorative 10 dollars but it wasn’t long before all regular issues were printed on this revolutionary substance which moved like paper but had the durability of plastic. Here we present an Uncirculated example of the last 2 dollars issued by Australia printed on paper. The green 2 dollars (P43) references the importance of sheep and wheat to the Australian economy with portraits of Macarthur and Farrer.

G E A Kentfield Historical £10 Enhanced B369 Unc

G E A Kentfield £10 Orange Historical Queen/ Dickens B369 Unc

Hungary, Hungarian Fund 5 Dollars 1892 PS137A

In 1849, in tune with the revolutionary times in Europe, Lajos Kossuth issued his famous Hungarian Declaration of Independence, seeking to break away from the Austrian Hapsburg Empire. He eventually fled Hungary and ended up in the United States where a Hungarian Fund was established to raise money for the fight for independence. These 5 dollars were issued in 1852 and are beautifully printed on one side only with Kossuth standing to the left and an allegorical woman to the right (PS137A) The notes were repayable one year after the establishment of an independent Hungarian Government. Lovely attractive notes in Crisp EF/GEF at just £75.00 each.

K O Peppiatt 10/- Mauve B251 AUnc/Unc

K O Peppiatt 10/- 2nd Issue Mauve Wartime Threaded Britannia B251 Unc

Royal Bank Scotland £10 2016 P371 Polymer Plastic Unc

We are delighted to be able to offer the exceptionally attractive Royal Bank of Scotland Polymer £10. It features a portrait of Mary Somerville, a 19th century science writer, astronomer and polymath. She was the joint first female member of the Royal Astronomical Society with Caroline Hirschel. She was also an advocate of women’s rights and the Oxford Somerville College (formerly all female) was named after her. Otters at play make a charming reverse.