New Banknotes Stock December 2019

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Australia, 2 Dollars P43 Macarthur/Fraser Unc

Australia was the pioneer in the development of polymer banknotes to replace paper. The first polymer note appeared in 1988 with the commemorative 10 dollars but it wasn’t long before all regular issues were printed on this revolutionary substance which moved like paper but had the durability of plastic. Here we present an Uncirculated example of the last 2 dollars issued by Australia printed on paper. The green 2 dollars (P43) references the importance of sheep and wheat to the Australian economy with portraits of Macarthur and Farrer.

British Armed Forces set of 3 decimal value notes

The three denominations printed by Thomas de la Rue 5p, 10p and 50p

Cashgold 0.1g In Gold We Trust

The people who came up with the idea of this polymer bill wanted to incorporate a piece of real gold and this is what they have done. Embedded in this polymer Cash Gold note is 0.01 grams of real gold in the form of a small ingot. The note itself is polymer with the illustration of a three masted ship on the front and a lion’s head on the back.

G E A Kentfield Historical £10 Enhanced B369 Unc

G E A Kentfield £10 Orange Historical Queen/ Dickens B369 Unc

Germany Bamberg 1000 Marks 1922 Fine-VF

Germany suffered rampant hyperinflation in the early 1920’s and local banks, towns, industries and municipalities started issuing banknotes alongside the government issues. These 1000 marks notes were issued by the Stadt of Bamberg. They are fairly simple affairs and actually circulated during this fraught economic crisis Available in G Fine to VF at just £5.25.

Israel 20 Shekels 2014 P59 Unc

We offer a pair of 20 new shequalim notes issued by Israel, one printed on paper and one on polymer plastic (P59/64) The follow an almost identical design. Printed in vertical format the front features a portrait of Moshe Sharett, a flag raising ceremony at the UN, a Star of David and text from a speech made by Sharett. The back shows the Tower & Stockade settlement and members of the Jewish Brigade during World War II. Available separately or as a pair.