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3 x One Million Pound Note

Limited edition taken from the original props used for the film, measuring 8" x 5" supplied in a special window envelope with a story card.

Antarctica 2 Dollars Plastic James Ross

#Antarctica 2 dollars 2008 Printed on plastic Blue and m/c Ross Dependency/ Map of New Zealand and flag Unc

Armenia, 5000 Dram 2018 P-New Unc

Armenia 5000 dram 2018 P-New Brown and green Portrait man with moustache at l/ Statue and view over town. Unc

De La Rue Giori Test Note Gutenberg Uniface Unc

A wonderful Test note issued by De la Rue Giori and depicting Johannes Gutenberg, the 15th century inventor of the printing press with moveable type. This invention is regarded as one of the most significant ever, ushering in, as it did, an era of mass communication. This Uniface Test note has a portrait of Gutenberg to the left and a hologram to the right. Crisp Uncirculated at £8.50.

Germany 500,000 Marks 1923 P88 VF

Germany 500,000 marks 1923 P88b Green on cream. Man to l and right in cap/ Design Fine

Macedonia 50 Denar Unc

Macedonia (North) 50 denar 1992 P3a Brown Farmers picking crops at l/ Ilinden Monument at Krusevo at l Unc