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Bahamas Half Dollar (2019) P-New Unc

Crisp, Uncirculated Fifty Cents Notes from the Bahamas (P-New) These haven’t long been issued and are quite stylish. They are printed on a strengthened substrate. A mature portrait of Queen Elizabeth appears on the front alongside a map of the island and a flower. The back printed in vertical format features a portrait of Sister Sarah in the market with additional vignettes of basket ware. Uncirculated.

Bank Scotland £1 Walter Scott 1970's-1988 Unc

Bank of Scotland £1 1970's-88 P111 Green. Walter Scott at r Unc

Black Sheep £10 Bank Wales Cardiff Castle Unc

Wales Black Sheep Bank 10/- As previous with Laugherne Castle except dated 1971 Unc

Black Sheep Bank Wales £1 Conway Castle Unc

Black Sheep Bank £1 1970 Black on white Conway Castle Unc

Black Sheep Bank Wales £5 Harlech Castle Unc

Black Sheep Company Wales £5 Harlech Castle Unc

Black Sheep Bank Wales 10/- Laugherne Castle Unc

Wales Black Sheep Bank 10/- 1970 Black on white Laugherne Castle at centre/ Design in green. Unc

Black Sheep Bank Wales Set 10swllt - £10 Punt (4) Castles

Black Sheep Bank Wales Set of 4 pieces 10/- -£10 1971 Castles as vignettes and stamp stating Feb 1971 Stamp Duty abolished. Unc

Cuba 1 Peso Specimen 1960s Fidel entering Havana Unc

The passing of Fidel Castro caused quite a wide variety of opinions as to his place in history. There were no monuments to him in Cuba but this 1 peso Specimen note dated in the 1960s and 1970s is perhaps the only one featuring Fidel. It depicts his triumphant entry into Havana on 8th January 1959 after the overthrow of the Batista regime. Fidel is shown alongside fellow revolutionary Camilo Cienfuegos and surrounded by a large crowd. Crisp Uncirculated at £7.50

Dominican Republic 20 Pesos 2009 P182 Plastic Unc

Dominican Republic 20 pesos 2009 P182 Polymer Lupon in kepi hat at r/ Columned façade of National Pantheon at l Unc

Germany 100 Marks 1903 P22 Abt F

These 100 mark notes are dated 1903 (P22) The design on the front is simple with a background underprint of a crowned eagle. The back shows the framed head of a woman supported by two women. In About Fine these 100 marks are now well over 100 years old. They are a particularly scarce variety cataloging a whopping $200 in VG! That’s over £150. Our price is just £14.50 each.

Germany/France Avignon Weihnacht 1921 5 Marks /50 centimes POW Notgeld

These unusual Notgeld were issued for a camp of German Prisoners of War in Avignon France. They are dated Christmas 1921, a long time after the end of World War 1. They have a stated value of 5 marks or 50 centimes and could be redeemed after being freed. They are fairly crudely printed with vignettes of a snowy scene in the camp and a mother with her children near a Christmas Tree. The back has a poem that reads like a lament, accusing Germany, their motherland, of abandoning them. Unusual Prisoner of War Notgeld £7.85 each

J B Page Portrait £1 B320 Unc

J B Page £1 Green Portrait B320 Unc

Japan 1 Yen Nd (1946) P85 Crisp EF/GEF

These 1 yen notes were issued in Japan in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War in 1946 (P85) They are fairly simple affairs with a portrait of Ninomiya Sintoku on the front. He was a prominent 19th century philosopher, economist and agricultural leader. A cockerel is also shown below. EF/GEF at £3.50

Oman 100 Basia 1989 P22b Unc

These 100 baisa notes were issued in 1989 (P22) They feature a portrait of Sultan Qaboos bin Said who recently died. In 1970 he usurped his father and was responsible for modernising Oman and ending the country’s international isolation. His portrait appears on the front and an aerial view of Port Qaboos at Muttrah is on the back. Uncirculated at £4.50

Overend Gurney & Co Ltd £50 1865 Share Cert

Overend Gurney was a London wholesale discount bank, known as The Banker’s Bank operating in the 19th century. Well respected, for a long time it was considered the greatest discounting house in the world. In 1865 it issued shares that sold at a premium. This success was shortlived because there was a rapid collapse in the prices of stocks and shares. Overend Gurney appealed to the Bank of England for help but was refused. The bank suspended payments and a run on the bank followed. When Northern Rock collapsed in more recent times, commentators compared the queues outside the bank branches to the queues outside Overend Gurney Offices in 1866. The bank went into liquidation and more than 200 companies also failed as a result. These £50 shares are dated 1865 and measure 8.25 Inches x 5.5 inches with an impressed seal and signed by the Secretary. £24.50 each.

Poland 1000 Marek 1919 P29 EF/GEF

Issued in 1919, this 1000 marek is pretty impressive. It’s as large as our old White £5 and densely engraved in the style of the time. National hero Tadeusz Kosciusko is on the front. He fought on the US side during the American Revolutionary War (P29) Available in Crisp EF/ GEF at £12.50

Royal Bank Scotland £5 2010 P352e Paper Unc

Royal Bank of Scotland £5 2010 P-New Blue on white Lord Ilay/ Culzean Castle Hester as Group Chief Executive Unc

Vietnam 100 Dong 1980 P88a Fine

Once North and South Vietnam had united to become the Republic of Vietnam, their currencies were merged. In 1980, the first new Vietnamese 100 dong was issued (P88a) It shows the coat of arms at its centre and a large portrait of Ho Chi Minh on the right. The back shows sampan sailing ships in Ha Long Bay. Available in Fine for £2.75.

Zimbabwe 100 New Dollars 2009 P97 Unc

Zimbabwe 100 dollars 2009 P97. The last issue and the note that replaced the crazy 100 trillion Matapos Rocks/Torch and view of town. Unc