Myanmar (Burma), 8 Coin Mint Set. Uncirculated

8 different coins in uncirculated condition from this very difficult country to get coins from.
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SKU: FMY0002

Talk about a country that it is almost impossible to get coins out of!  We know two dealers who tried to get coins out of there and both were arrested. Not only did we manage to get some coins but we got eight different coins and all in Uncirculated condition. The set comprises decimal coins Burma: 1 Pya, 5 Pyas, 10 Pyas and 25 Pyas dated 1966 and only issued for one year. Plus the 25 Pyas 1980 again a one year type coin. Plus the 1, 5 & 10 Kyats 1999 issued under the Union of Myanmar and again one year type coins. All coins are Uncirculated, but some of the early coins will have mellowed slightly. Eight coins all one year type coins and extremely hard to find.

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