Milled Silver Coins

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1697, William III, Halfcrown, 'C' Chester. GVF

Silver Halfcrown dated 1697, regnal year NONO on edge, with 'C' below bust for Chester Mint.

1816, George III, Halfcrown. Gem Unc, rainbow toning

Two-year type coin with magnificent rainbow toning on the obverse.

1817, George III, Halfcrown. 'Prooflike' About UNC

Silver Halfcrown dated 1817 with Prooflike obverse and superb toning

Anne Shilling , 1711, Fine

Anne, 1702-14, Shilling, 1711. Fine

George II, Shilling 1739 Roses

George II, 1727-60, Shilling, Young head, 1739. Roses in angles on reverse. Uncirculated with beautiful light toning

George II, Young Head Crown 1739

George II, 1727-1760, Crown, 1739, Roses on the reverse. a beautiful example, Good Very Fine, the reverse better. Well struck up and on a large flan. A lovely coin.