Middle East

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Afghanistan 1000 Afghanis P61 Unc

Afghanistan 1000 afghanis P61 Brown View over domes and fortified city/ Archways Unc

Bahrain 5 Dinars 2008 P27 Unc

Bahrain 5 dinars nd P27 Blue Fortified walls at l/ Aeriel view of industrial plant and oil derrick Unc

Iran 100 Rials (1976) P108 Unc

Iran 100 rials (1976) P108 Red brown and yellow on white Conjoined portraits of Shah commemorating 50 years of dynasty/ Crown Unc

Iran 100 rials Shah Overprint P118b Unc

Iran 100 rials P118b Mauve and black and yellow on white An interim issue before Islamic Republic got its own notes Portrait and watermarks with old Shah obliterated Unc

Iraq 25 Dinars 1986 P73 Saddam

Iraq 25 dinars 1986 P73 Last note printed in West before downfall of Saddam Hussein's whose portrait is at r . Charging horsemen at centre/Fortified gate and monument. Unc

Israel 10 New Shequalim 1992 P53 Golda Meir Unc

Israel 10 New Shequalim 195 P53 Yellow and green. Golda Meir and Tree of Life / Moscow ghetto Unc

Israel 20 Sheqalim 2008 P64 Plastic Unc

Israel 20 shekels P64 Green Printed vertically on polymer plastic / Man and text/Camp watchtower and citizens. Unc

Israel 50 Shequalim P46a Unc

Israel 50 lirot 1978 P46a Grey on crean. David Ben Gurion at r/ Ancient Gate Unc

Kuwait Quarter Dinar 2014 P29 Unc

Kuwait Quarter Dinar P29 Brown, blue and beige Tower/ Doorway Unc

Libya, 5 dinars, 1972 (P36b) UNC

These notes catalogue at $125 so are great value

Oman 100 baisa nd P31 Unc

Oman 100 baisa nd P31 Turquoise and mauve. Sheik at r and irrigation channels/ Birds and antelope Unc

Syria 2000 Syrian Pounds Assad P117 Unc

Syria 2000 Syrian Pounds 2017 P117 Mauve Pres Assad at r and building at centre/Parliament chamber Unc

Yemen Arab Republic 100 Rials 2018 P-New Unc

This 100 rial note for Yemen was for issue in 2018 but has only just appeared (P-New) The front features the Dracaenea Cinnabari or Socotra Dragon Tree so called because of its red sap. Native to Yemen these trees have a strange appearance with upturned crown, reminiscent of an umbrella. A terraced hillside is illustrated on the back. Crisp Uncirculated at £3.25.

Yemen Arab Republic 200 Rials 2018 P38 Unc

Yemen Arab Republic 200 rials P-New Yellow. Fort and entrance/ View of cliffs Unc