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Medieval shield shaped seal 13th cent.

Medieval shield shaped lead matrix seal, ca. 13th century. Central coat of arms on a shield surrounded by the inscription S'IONS DE DAVMBYR B' = Seal of John De Davmbyr (Daventry, Northamptonshire). Measuring 27mm by 24mm.

Medieval Ovoid Seal ca. 13th century

Medieval Ovoid Lead Matrix Seal, ca. 13th AD. Measuring 39mm by 23mm with central star design with leaves and berries. Inscriptiomn reads S.EVHILDE.FIL.HABATH - from the West country.

Medieval period. Small Table or Fruit Knife

Medieval period. Small Table or Fruit Knife. Dating from Ca. 15th., Century A.D.. Measuring 162 mm. overall in length. Wooden handle secured with a row of three brass rivets and a group of three more rivets in a triangular pattern just below the large circular piercing, which would have been for suspension. Scarce piece.

Medieval, Bronze Strap End, ca. 13th cent. A.D.

Measuring 32mm in length. Decorated with a rather stylish figure of a Dragon. In a very superior state of preservation and very scarce