Arnold Machin omnibus edition

It is a rare honour for an engraver, sculptor and designer to produce an effigy of the reigning monarch. The portrait produced by Machin was first used in 1967 on all British stamps, so it appears on pre-decimal, and after 1971, decimal stamps. The portrait was also used on all coins produced for decimalisation from 1968. This singular achievement was commemorated by a medal in his honour illustrating this iconic portrait. The massive silver medal weighs three ounces with the portrait in high relief and in a mirror finish with the background reverse frosted. Housed in a plush case you get the medal, two blocks of two stamps for both predecimal and decimal definitive issues, and to round out the package, the first two coins issued for the decimal change. Silver 60mm for Royal Mail. Obv. The iconic bust used on all stamps of Elizabeth II since 1967. Rev. inscription. Proof Uncirculated reverse frosted cased.
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