L.K. O’Brien, last issue Britannia £1, Crisp Unc

Bank of England, £1, L.K. O'Brien as Chief Cashier in Crisp Uncirculated condition.
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The O’Brien Britannia £1 note was the last Britannia £1 to be issued by the Bank of England (B273/P369c). During O’Brien’s term as Chief Cashier the Bank decided to issue notes with the portrait of the reigning monarch for the first time in it’s history. Until 1960, the portrait of Britannia had been the only illustration on Bank of England notes. These O’Brien Britannia £1 notes were the very last in that long tradition. They have always proved just that bit more elusive to track down than some of the earlier Britannia issues and especially in Crisp Uncirculated.

These are wonderful notes in spectacular condition from an original block, issued almost 50 years ago. Crisp Uncirculated- the last of the Britannia Pounds.

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