Lithuania, Early Commemomative 5 Litai dated 1936. GVF

The first commemorative coin issued by Lithuania in 1936
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Lithuania has a history of being taken over and occupied; the last time was by the Germans from 1941-44 and then the Soviets so, the early coins of Lithuania are sometimes difficult to find.
One of our dealers came in with a small bag of Silver 5 Litai coins of 1936; it was the first commemorative coin of Lithuania, which only totalled three before the Soviets controlled them.
This Silver 5 Litai honours Jonas Basanavicius, who was one of their most famous scientists. He was responsible for the Renaissance of Lithuania in the late 19th Century. These Silver coins are in Good Very Fine condition and are listed in Krause as KM82. This is a difficult coin and a difficult country.