Leo the Wise Follis About Very Fine

After the Roman Empire fell in the West in A.D. 476 its Eastern half continued until A.D. 1453! The Eastern Part of the Empire was then named 'Byzantine' in the 16th-century CE by historians because the capital city's first name was Byzantium before it became Constantinople. From A.D. 886-912, the Byzantine Empire was ruled by Leo the Wise. Never a warlike man, he finished a codex of law, the ‘Basilika’, started by his predecessor, Basil. Leo is famous for other reasons! Like Henry VIII, he struggled to produce a male heir, and it took him four marriages to produce a son. And, like Henry, he fell out with the Church, who banned him from the Hagia Sofia! We offer the large bronze Follis of Leo the Wise in an About Very Fine condition. The obverse shows the bust of Leo facing in a crown while the reverse has a four-line legend proclaiming him King of the Romans. Get your coin of the Byzantine Henry VIII before they sell out!
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