Latvia, Pattern 9-coin Euro Proof Set in case

Limited edition of 3,000 sets issued in 2004. Very limited stock now available.
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SKU: SGM165-5329

These limited edition sets were issued by the International Currency Bureau in 2004 to show what the Euro coins for Latvia might look like. This is a wonderful 9-coin set from 1 cent up to 5 Euros all struck to Proof quality. They issued a maximum of 3,000 sets, all housed in a plush presentation case with a certificate.

You could barely make the case these days for the price we are charging never mind the coins!

Very limited stock, we have less than 10 in stock now and when they are gone that is it.

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This is pure silver (999 fine) coin of the Solomon Islands with the Queen’s portrait on the obverse. But the reverse is printed in full colour to look like a pizza. You scratch the picture and it smells like a pizza. Better yet the box it comes in looks like a pizza box. You can sure have a lot of fun with these. Supplies are very limited and once these are gone, for sure there will be no more. A pure silver crown with a secret ingredient.

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The autonomous region called the Trans-Dniester Republic issued a most unusual set of coins in 2014. They are made of a composite material, are semi-transparant and have a textured surface. This was originally part of the Russian Federation but is now ‘independent’. They are a plastic type material but with a hardness that produces a stone like sound when rubbed. They were issued by the Trans-Dniester Republic Bank and there are 4 denominations. 1 Rouble circular, 3 Roubles square with rounded corners, 5 Roubles pentagon shaped with rounded corners and 10 Roubles hexagonal with the rounded corners. They have the rounded corners for ease of use and for ease of machine readability at high speeds. These were an experiment and who knows if they will continue to issue them. But we thought that they were very interesting and rather well priced so we obtained 100 sets of them. Supplies are limited.