Last £1 & 10/- Pair EF

The Ten shilling note was the shortest lived denomination banknote issued by the Bank of England. It was introduced in 1928 and vanished from circulation in 1971 on decimalisation. The £1 note was introduced as an emergency measure in 1797, discontinued in 1812 and only destined to reappear in 1928. It was finally retired in 1988 in favour of a coin. We offer pairs of the last design Ten Shillings and £1 notes in crisp Extremely Fine
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7 Different British Military Notes. After the Second World War was over the British Military used their own currency in their bases overseas . This was to avoid black marketeering. These so called British Armed Forces Vouchers were issued between 1946 and the late 1970’s. These notes were printed by two different Security Printers Bradbury Wilkinson and Thomas de la Rue. We offer two sets- one comprising 7 notes and all Uncirculated and printed by Bradbury Wilkinson. Included are the 2nd Issue £1 & £5, the 3rd Issue £1, the 4th Issue £1 and the decimal values of 5p,10p and 50p which were issued after 1971.